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Data protection

You can submit your curriculum vitae (CV) via this website. B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH guarantees that your CV will not be posted on the Web or be accessible to third parties. It will be stored in our in-house database, to which only B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH recruitment consultants have access. Your CV will not be sent to prospective employers without your prior consent. You have a right of access to data, which relate to you and a right to correct inaccurate data (articles 5 and 8 of the Federal Law on Data Protection). You may exercise these rights by writing to B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH or to the following address: You permit B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH, to pass on your data to other B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH subsidiaries in Switzerland and the European Union.

Legal liability

Notwithstanding all its efforts to provide precise and up-to-date information on its current website, B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH assumes no responsibility for information that is unclear, incomplete or outdated that may appear on its website, and it expressly disavows responsibility for any errors or omissions contained in its content.


Third-party websites

This website contains links to third-party sites. B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH has not reviewed the material or the information presented on the aforementioned sites nor on the sites that offer links to B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH. For these reasons, B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH declines all responsibility for the content of these sites. Similarly, the fact that the B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH website provides a link to a third-party website should not be interpreted as any form of recommendation or sanction of the goods or services offered on that website. Third-party sites may also contain evaluation tools and/or training sessions in the form of screenshots. In such cases, all attached web pages remain the exclusive property of the third-party in question and are processed by the third-party, as indicated by the URL, and may be utilised solely as an example of web pages that are publicly accessible.

Internet security

The Internet is not a secure medium. Therefore, the information published on B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH websites may be subject to disturbances, interruptions or breaches of security or confidentiality. In consequence, B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH declines all responsibility concerning the reception or not or the processing or not of any communication that might be delivered to an individual by whomsoever by means of its website or by means of any one of its electronic addresses.



Copyright of the B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH. All rights reserved. All information published on this website, in particular its text, graphics, images, logos, symbols and software, is protected under intellectual property law, corporate law and copyright law. Downloading, copying or printing any or all of the content on the B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH website is only permitted in accordance with the strictest adherence to the legislation regarding intellectual property and it does not grant any right of ownership whatsoever to the downloaded, copied or printed content, not to mention any right of use for commercial purposes, for imitation or for the purpose of creating an electronic link.



Trademarks, logos and other names appearing on this website are the property of B.U.T. Executive Services GmbH or of its commercial partners. You are not authorised to duplicate them.

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