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...The advantages and chances of AI as the New Global Industrial Revolution

While machine learning and AI have been usedintensively in production, quality management in the production process, R&D, and data analysis in banks, insurance companies, and large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and YouTube for several years, new and easy-to-use AI tools like ChatGPT are opening up completely new dimensions in the (repeating) day-to-day business of every company.
Whether it's writing emails and entire texts for marketing purposes, creating presentations for customers and employees, reports and business analyses for management, translations or images for your technical documentation, make-or-buy decisions in business development, efficient customer communication and support in sales, content and videos for your company presentation on your website, or as a knowledge database; the targeted use of AI tools creates space for your employees to focus on the essentials and offers the opportunity not only to save raw materials, costs, and energy but also the most important thing in any company that is irreplaceable; time."

...Our services to help you integrating AI Tools in your Day2Day Business

We bring you forward to use and implement AI tools like ChatGPT and others to perform human-like tasks and repeating day-to-day tasks such as learning, problem-solving, decision making, perception, speech recognition, and natural language save costs, ressources, energy, and time.

  1. Sales: Generate and implement presentations, lists, calculations based on data, point out your USP, train your staff and develop sales stratgies, keep in contact with your customers.

  2. Marketing: Use and implement AI tools to generate content, pictures, logos, photo-realistic AI pictures, and videos for your company presentation digital or on print. Develop smart Go-To-Market stratgies and much more. Safe costs on external marketing agencies, Shutterstock, etc.

  3. Technical Documentation: Generate text, translations from any language you want in any language, pictures, pictographs, logos, photo-realistic AI pictures for your Technical Documentation.

  4. Day2Day Business: How to use and implement AI tools to generate complex E-Mails in any language to clients and staff, presentations, speeches, lists based on data and

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