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...Based on 20+ years of personal professional experience

For us, coaching is not an end in itself based on theory. We train you in concepts that WE have been USING successfully in our DAILY BUSINESS as headhunters and sales specialists for over 20 years.

Our proven track record allows us to provide honest, clear and practice-oriented feedback on the topics you would like to work on for your personal and professional development.

Thus we are able to accompany you one-to-one in building bridges to your career path and supports you in working on your personal and professional short-, medium- or long-term objectives and in implementing them.

...Benefit from our proven coachings and trainings

  • One-to-one personal coaching

  • Career development

  • Management skill improvement

  • Leadership skill improvement

  • Handle troubleshooting

  • Negotiation skill with customers

  • Dealing with supervisors, peers and employees

  • Application process

  • Improvement of presentation skills

  • Improvement of standing and external perception

  • Outplacement

Please call us for further information. We guarantee full confidentiality.

B.U.T. Executive Services Office
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